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Take a serious look at your packaging material and premium bags. Then ask yourself the following questions:


- Does it fit the profile of my business?

- Does it still suit my target group?

-How do my clients react to it? - Could anything be improved on it?

- Do I see packaging purely as packaging or as advertising for my business?

- Am I using the right sizes and types?


If any of these points have held your attention for more than a few seconds, please check our website. Benefit from the knowledge of bags by Koopmans. Because Koopmans has packaging in all shapes and sizes. For every target group. with a world of different handles and closures. All geared to specific market requirements. Koopmans would like to sit down with you to improve the profile of your business through our packaging!



We start with an inventory of the packaging needs for your company and the intended target group (s). In this way we can best advise you on your existing package of packaging and useful additions. We regularly develop a completely new packaging concept for customers.

t is important that you receive a fully developed test model for approval with every new bag from us. If desired, you will receive a computer test for your poly carrier bags.

We make good agreements with you about the delivery times and will keep you informed in the meantime. The delivery times depend on the countries where your bags are produced. We produce in many European countries and China.

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