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This blog post is about the fabrics : Felt & Nylon


The basis of the production of felt is the crocheting of the fibers. Wool is a fiber that simply hooks together due to its characteristic scales. If these fibers slide past each other and the scales are directed in opposite directions, the scales will hook together. Felt can be made in various ways.

Felt bags are very populair at bags by Koopmans. We make them in a lot of colours and thickness. We can make them completely to your liking, with your own print or logo!


Nylon is a synthetic textile fiber made from polyamides. You often see the term nylon in textiles and sometimes polyamide. Nylon has been developed as a silk substitute because it is expensive and delicate. Nylon is lightweight, strong and does not wrinkle. Nylon is nowadays in many different products. Think for example of tights, ropes, flags and carpets.

Nylon does not catch fire, but melts on contact with fire.

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